About OnePrintOnly.com

What is OnePrintOnly.com promise?

Each artwork is unique, exclusively offered through OnePrintOnly.com. The art is produced once and for you only. Once produced, we shall never reprint and sell the same art again. The ownership and the history of purchases will be backed up using the NFT minted specifically for each artwork.

What do I own when I buy the art from OnePrintOnly

You can be rest assured that the art you bought is unique, guaranteed by the NFT technology, you will never find another copy anywhere in the world. The art comes printed on a very high-quality print paper with pearl finish. The print is carefully rolled and put in a hard cardboard box for a safe shipping to you.

Each art is accompanied by the artist's narrative of the scene, engraved in a plaque to perfectly complement the artwork itself. We will also transfer the ownership of the NFT of the artwork to your personal wallet. 

Do I need to understand NFT to order the art?

Simple answer is No. You can own, display and enjoy your art without worrying about the NFT.  

We will create the NFT when you order the art, at no extra cost to you. Once art is delivered, we will transfer the NFT to your personal wallet. OnePrintOnly has a public profile on https://rarible.com/oneprintonly where you will see all the artworks, their current owner and purchase history.

If you need help with creating the wallet to store your NFT, you may contact our support at support@oneprintonly.com and we can help you create one.


About Our Art

Can I buy a single art or I must buy the full collection?

You can buy a single piece from any collection.

That said, we encourage you to own the complete collection. Our collections are curated by our specialist to bring harmony to any personal or public space.

Can I buy the art with a frame?

Our art is intended to be displayed, and talked about, that level up your own style. Each piece comes printed on the highest quality 100% cotton rug paper only, rolled delicately and safely, so you can frame that matches your décor. 

However, if you have a special request, in some cases we can accommodate shipping a print with a frame at additional cost. Please contact our support at  support@oneprintonly.com for any such special requests.

Is the art available in different sizes?

Our arts are not designed but curated by the artist to bring the story alive. The recommended print size is the best composition to enjoy each specific art. You may contact our support at support@oneprintonly.com to check if alternate size can be made available within certain constraints.

Will you restock the sold items marked as "Printed Once"?

The OnePrintOnly promise to sell only one print of each art on the display. Once sold, we will not make more copies. Our promise relies on the NFT backed technology is used to ensure the ownership, including purchase history, is available publicly and transparently.

Please own your art quickly, make it yours before someone else does!

Can I order a digital print of the art?

Our art is not treated as a digital image. The prints follow a strict quality guidelines and the artist's recommendation for the art and frame size. This art print is reproduced only once for you.

Please contact our support at support@oneprintonly.com with a proof of your purchase. We are happy to discuss the options. 

Can I resale the art I purchased?

One you own the art, you also own the right, along with its NFT. You can resale, transfer or gift the art as you may please. We strongly recommend that you transfer the associated NFT to the new owner, keeping the ownership, and purchase history, up to date for future.