Urban Dreams

The common objects at the center of each of these images is always deceptively simple. It is precisely this familiarity which upends expectations as we look at these photographs. A simple bicycle wheel, grey surfaces which fade into a murky background, a suburban street—all of these things take on a haunting quality in this collection due to the fact that we are looking at things we know so well. The uncanny, that feeling that the most familiar things are oddly foreign and unsettling, becomes the charge which flows through this collection.

The grey color and light that suffuses these images serve to settle the images while it also forces the objects out of their common context. As we follow the faint light into a decreasing depth of field, we lose our bearings at times within flat spaces and receding geometrical forms. Sharp objects in the foreground become occluded color in the background. The dimming of the light reverses this process in at least one image as the image darkens to the background where a piercing light cuts the image. This dialectical movement of light to dark, of clarity to obscurity becomes the drama of this collection such that, though the uncanny pervades the images, we cannot properly call them gloomy or pessimistic. Discomfort mingles with familiarity and the mood of the collection remains open and irresolvable.